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Boao State Guesthouse,Hainan; Marriott Hotel,Ningbo; Marriott Hotel,Suzhou; Marriott Hotel,Shanghai; Shangri-La Hotel,Wenzhou; Shangri-La Hotel,Wuhan; Shangri-La Hotel,Beihai; Shereton Hotel,Hainan wanning; Shereton Hotel,Zhongshan; Hubin Hotel,Wuxi; Yang Cheng Lake Hotel; Centre Hotel,Shanghai; Kempinski Hotel,Dalian; Leida International Hotel,Jiangshu Dongtai; International Hotel,Shenyang; Land Briage Internation Hotel,Rizhao; Internation Hotel,Changan;  Furama Hotel,Dalian; Tianhaiju Hotel; Junyue Hotel,Ningxia; Zhujiang No.1 Hotel,Nanjing; Grand Central Hotel,Shanghai; Renaissance Hotel; The Germany EXPO Pavilion; Yidu Hotel,Guizhou; Jinmen Hotel,Tianjin; S&N Hotel,Chaohu; St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort Hotel; Airport Hotel,Chongqin; Tran Hotel; Hotespring Holiday Hotel,Dafeng; Bailang Taosha Hotel,Weifang; Lvdao Hotel,Shishi; Hongyongtan Jiangjiang Hotel,Xinyang; Resort villa,Chongqin Beipei; Yuechun Hotel,Hangzhou; Swisstouches Hotel,Xian; Growan Plaza Holiday Hotel; Air Force Radar Academy; Shuizhimeng Leisure Mansion; Angell Guesthouse,Haxi Holiday.

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