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Research and Development

In Yilida, innovation is the lifeblood of the company.   We have partnered with  universities such as Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, to develop  efficient air dynamic pathways in the fan designs.  Our well-trained, highly skilled engineering team applies the advanced technology tools such as CFD and FEA in the design of our products.  In addition, we have partnered with the ZFAN Technologies, LLC. , in Chicago, USA to research the latest air movement technology in the North America.

Yilida’s state-of-the-art testing lab is constructed according to the Air Moving & Control Association (AMCA) standard for air performance testing (per AMCA Standard 210), induced airflow performance testing (per AMCA Standard 260), inlet and outlet sound testing (per AMCA Standard 300).  Yilida has both a reverberate room and an anechoic room for sound testing. 

Testing Capabilities
• AMCA 204 Balance and Vibration Testing
• AMCA 203 & 803 Field Performance Testing
• AMCA 210 Lab and Factory Performance Testing
• AMCA 260 Induced Flow Testing
• AMCA 300 Inlet & Outlet Sound Testing
• Narrow Band Sound and Vibration Testing
• Impact (Bump) Testing
• Overspeed Testing
• High Temperature Testing to 280⁰C

In partnering with Universities and ZFAN Technologies, LLC, Yilida operates four research centers in the world:  Beijing, Shanghai, Taizhou and Chicago, USA.   These highly skilled research teams offer Yilida unmatchable unparellar design capabilities in the industry.  Yilida currently owns 36 patents in related to its fan technology, and this number is growing every year.

Design Capabilities
• Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
• Vibration Analysis and FFT Spectrum Analysis
• 3D Solid Modeling
• Rotor Natural Frequencies Analysis
• Rotor Dynamics Calculation
• Fatigue Analysis and Fracture Mechanics Calculation
• Finite Element Modeling and Analysis (FEA)

To facilitate our business partners and customers with fast and accurate selections of Yilida fans, Yilida has developed the comprehensive WISDOM Fan Selection software.  The WISDOM program is widely used and embedded in the AHU companies Selection software to select the most suitable and economical fans for the customers.  The WISDOM software selects and presents a wide range of parameters including:  flow, pressure, efficiency, drive and motors, sound, and etc.  This is the most comprehensive tool for the fan selection and technical information. 

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