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Low-noise, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

High efficiency, energy saving: As a manufacturer of energy-consuming products, we are always committed to improve fan efficiency, and have developed a series of fan that meet or exceed the national energy efficiency standards。

We are always concerned about the noise pollution brought to living environment by the product and we have developed a serious of low noise products over the years. Our low noise products have been widely recognized, especially Silent Cabinet fan and Low Noise pipings.  Our exclusive noise cancellation technology uses the multi-wide band frequency noise damping, to bring you the quiet living environment.

Environmental protection:  We collaborate with Baosteel and other direct supplier to customize our material to meet the EU "ROHS" Directives on high quality steel and galvanized sheet. We promote green production methods, and will not use any material that has substances banned by EU "ROHS", "REACH", Directive.  We achieve that with a set of well disciplined control system.

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