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Quality assurance

Yilida employs 56 strict control processes from design to finished product to achieve a comprehensive product quality

Designs:  Yilida uses the latest CFD software and ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA) software to make the fan blades, casings and cut-off plates more suitable for aerodynamic characteristics. Yilida fans consitently achieved high efficiency, low noise and rigid structure.

Materials: Yilida selects only the finest material directly from the large steel mills such as Baosteel. Its selection of galvanized sheets are customized to meet EU "ROHS" Directive. The zinc coating thickness can reach up to 180g/m2, which is 60 grams more than the normal galvanized steel. The life-span of Yilida fans easily lasts over 10 years. The suppliers of the purchased parts are strictly screened to guarantee Yilida fans to have high performance and solid quality. Our suppliers includes:

Steel: Bao Steel, China.

Bearing: Japan NSK or the United States PEER

Pulley : Guangzhou WOT

Belt: Germany Optibelt, Japan Mitsuboshi

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